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Eurol 2-stroke oil 50mL

Eurol Spartamet is a two-stroke oil that has been specially developed for the lubrication of the Spartamet mopeds.

2-stroke oil

The best oil there is. Full Synthetic. (enhanced version Formax 2T) 1 bus is sufficient for 10 liters of fuel.

For all Spartamet and Saxonette engines.


2-stroke oil 1 liter

Castrol Power RS 2T outperforms comparable oils when exposed to these high speeds, loads and temperatures. Fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil Strong, protective lubricating film at any temperature Excellent protection even at very high speeds Protection against very high thermal and mechanical stress Protection against ring sticking and piston seizure Cleaner engine

Crankcase oil 100 cc

Crankcase oil. As the total amount of crankcase oil. 100cc

Crankcase oil Eurol 100CC

Enough for a refill of the gearbox


Crankcase oil 1 liter

Eurol HPG SAE 80W-90 GL5

Eurol® HPG Gear Oil is a transmission oil based on the latest phosphorus-sulfur technology. These additives technology protects the transmission against metal-to-metal contact under the most severe conditions, even under shock loads.

Eurol® HPG Gear Oil contains additives that leave a thin film on the surface and thereby prevent corrosion. In addition, the 80W-90 and 85W-140 grades have good fluidity at low temperatures allowing the optimum performance during all seasons.



Nu 250 mL!

Through the small openings in the carburetor of the spartamet these fast "clogged" with Fuel-Fit can be prevented

FUEL FIT gasoline additive. A common problem at the start Spartamet is tedious,especially when not overused. Often this is because when obsolete gum deposits gasoline in the fuel system may occur. Gum deposits in gasoline occurs after only 30 days. Fit fuel prevents gum formation and keeps fuel fresh up to 2 years. By Fit Fuel mixing with fuel by the fuel is also the entire fuel system cleaned. In addition, a soiled carburettor can be cleaned, this by soaking in a bath of Fuel Fit a night, and in the most cases, the gom deposit disappeared. Suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Mixing ratio is 15mL Fuel Fit 5L fuel. So your bottle lasts a long time.


Ball bearing grease Kroonoil

Can of grease should not be missed in a workshop. Contents: 65 grams


Liquid gasket

Sealant red silicone based. Temperature resistant from -62 to 315 Celsius.
Carb. reiniger

carburetor cleaner

Carburateur Reiniger 400ml Spuitbus

This Carburetor Cleaner Spray 400ml is a cleaner for the inside and outside of carburetors without disassembly. Carburetor cleaner has a high resolving power and leaves no residue. This Carburetor Cleaner is non corrosive and has a jetspray.